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6 new Chairs to reinforce "Smart Territories" and "Computational Biology"
The Selection Committee was tasked with selecting new Chairs from among the 35 excellent applications received. Priority was given to original proposals on the themes of bio-inspired AI or Smart and Secured Territories.
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Interview: “Artificial Argumentation for Humans”, the AI project of Serena Villata, 3IA Chair. 
Since the early years of the field, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sought to understand the principles governing intelligent behavior and to encode such principles in so-called intelligent machines. Artificial argumentation plays an important role in AI research. 
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Partnership with inHeart: “Cloud-based AI & Digital Twin for Cardiology” Interview of Maxime Sermesant, 3IA Chair, Inria. 
The purpose of this project is to propose disruptive products for cardiac catheter interventions including AI-based image analysis and digital twin simulations. A partnership with inHeart.
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Companies, do you know how to collaborate with 3IA Côte d'Azur?
Collaborative R&D, technologies, engineering, data and platform sharing, joint laboratories, start-up creation, training, and hackathon events! There are many ways to collaborate with 3IA Côte d'Azur. 

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Are you looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) training for your employees?
3IA Côte d'Azur, offers companies: training programs ranging from certificates to PhDs and modular training units; customized training modules according to your specifications.
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Fabien Gandon 3IA Chair: "Covid one the web"!
“We aim at integrating several tools of the Wimmics team to facilitate access to Covid information and data. For this purpose we launched in March a unifying project in our team (Covid on the Web) which combines several existing research results”.
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Nicholas Ayache Chaire  "AI for e-patients and e-medicine" – Latest publications
Editorial coordination of the special edition of IEEE (Nicholas Ayache with J. Duncan and M. Insana) and some other publications.
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Charles Bouveyron " Generative models for unsupervised and deep learning with complex data" - Latest publications
Chapter « Statistical learning in high dimensions and application to oncological diagnosis by radiomics », in C. Villani, B. Nordlinger and D. Rus, Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence and some other publications.
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Serena Villata « Artificial argumentation for human”- Latest publications
Discover the 10 democratic requirements championed by the TFC19 collective, the two bulletins of The National Pilot Committee for Digital Ethics and some other publications. 
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• Discover the website of OTESIA, Observatoire sur les impacts technologiques économiques et sociétaux de l’IA
• Cluster IA: vi“Fight COVID19 with AI” initiatives
• Virtual visit of « La Maison de l’Intelligence Artificielle » - MIA
• Département 06: The virtual assistant Nicole answers your questions about COVID-19
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